We would like to apologize for not being more consistent with our podcast. Typically, we try to release an episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but it has been a bit difficult this week. We will be back on schedule this week and will have a full episode for you on Friday, 2/27/2015. Thanks again for listening and we hope that we can hear from all of you.


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Staying fit and well nourished can be incredibly difficult while you are on missions or deployed. In this episode, we discuss some of our recent experiences and give a few tips on how you can stay fit.

  • Avoid MRE's if possible, but if you must eat them, eat in small portions.
  • Take power naps if you are unable to get a full 8 hours of sleep.
  • Be creative with your workout plan. Try jump ropes if you can't run.
  • As your drill sergeant told you: "Drink water!!!"


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Throughout history, soldiers have often been misrepresented with regard to understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today, soldiers are received in a more positive light and differentiated from the politics of war. Thanks to the internet, soldiers are better understood and the Stolen Valor posers who have always plagued our society are finally being exposed.


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How many times have you found yourself speaking to friends or family members in acronyms and military terms? In this episode, Tracy is dealing with the "language barrier" that comes with working with a different Armed Forces component.

Personally, dealing with military jargon and acronyms never felt like a difficult transition for me, but I have definitely met many a soldier or veteran who has had a little trouble "speaking civilian."

A few things to watch for:

  • Avoid acronyms and jargon on your resume and cover letters.
  • Definitely try to convey your military experience in civilian terms while in interviews.
  • Remember that your family and friends may not necessarily understand either. Even spouses who live on post with you.
  • Most importantly, remember that public speaking requires you to engage the entire audience. Military jargon is even worse than the Ums, likes, and ya knows (something we're working on ourselves in the podcast).



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Soldiers are often forced to separate from their loved ones for a period of time. Whether it be a weekend or a year, it can be a difficult experience for both the soldier and the family. In this episode, we discuss family separation and some ways to keep your relationships strong.

Although every relationship is different (because every individual is....well.....an individual), there are some basic practices which can help you and your spouse remain close no matter the circumstances.


For us, we have a few of our own:

  • Stay in contact with each other. We understand that different situations dictate different circumstances for soldiers and family members, but doing everything you can to stay in touch will both keep your relationship strong and relay to your loved one how much you care.
  • Celebrate the small things. We actually celebrate our anniversary on the 18th of every month. It's just a small reminder to us of why we got married and how much we still care.
  • When you need some time alone, take it. Tracy knows how much I love my mornings. Reading the news with a cup of coffee early in the morning is a great way for me to have some alone time. And I give Tracy her's as well.
  • Finally, be thoughtful about one another's feelings. When I knew I wouldn't be able to talk to Tracy for a few days, I let her know (without divulging to many details while overseas). A complete communication blackout could be misconstrued in so many different ways if you are not careful and open with your spouse.


We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to bringing you another soon.

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In this episode, we discuss some of the differences between serving in Active Duty, the National Guard, and the Army Reserves.

Every component of the Armed Forces brings with it unique challenges which soldiers must deal with. In Active Duty, being a soldier 24/7 with constant field time, Deployment Readiness requirements, and constant monitoring can create a very stressful environment for soldiers. On the other hand, being a Reserve or Guard soldier typically entails juggling two separate professional lives which can be just as stressful and difficult for soldiers to maintain.

We wanted to touch on a few of these points in this podcast and convey our own experiences in juggling these completely different environments in which a soldier may be serving.


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In this episode, we discuss the benefits of using your GI Bill whether you plan to attend college or a vocational school. We also briefly discuss how it can affect your employment opportunities.

VA GI Bill

GI Bill Payment Rates


Job Hunting:

Recruit Military

GI Jobs


For more resources or to have any questions answered, email us at themacs@vetscafe.com


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In this episode, we discuss our experiences in dealing with packing lists and how learning the hard way is typically the best way.


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This episode briefly discusses the Facebook controversy surrounding the photographs taken by Michael Stokes of veterans like Alex Minsky. Also, we would like to introduce an amazing veteran named Noah Galloway whom we hope to have on the show in the near future.


Michael Stokes

Noah Galloway


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Ep.1: Veterans Cafe Podcast: An Introduction

This podcast is our very first, introductory podcast with which we hope to reveal our personalities, goals, and ambitions. We hope that after hearing a little bit about ourselves, you will be fascinated enough to learn more about veteran and soldier issues as well as participating in the podcast. 


To hear Tracy's Bio audio, please click here.


I will post mine soon, and hope to hear from all of you. Please feel free to visit our website at http://vetscafe.com. And feel free to email us at themacs@vetscafe.com.


Hope you enjoy the show!!!

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