No More Airborne?


Scholar Marc DeVore recently released a study which questions the efficacy of airborne units within a modern Army and his findings quickly bump up against the one of the military's most treasured strategic measures. In an article posted by the Army Times, Devore's study was noted as "[sending] shockwaves" throughout the airborne community by questioning whether airborne operations were not only irrelevant today, but have been since it's conception. Although tradition is deeply rooted in Army practice, are airborne units really something we need to win a war efficiently? Let us know what you think by emailing us at or leaving us a message on Speakpipe


A New Body Armor


The Army is expecting to roll out a better body armor that will replace the IOTV by 2019. The new armor is reported to have more comfort, greater flexibility and can be easily adjusted based on the needs of the mission. The armor is designed to be lighter and reduces the weight from the IOTV about 26% and has already been through testing with several Marine and Special Forces units.


Looking for something to wear under your new body armor? How about a new anthrax resistant JSLIST? The new technology appears to be nothing more than underwear that could potential replace the hefty and awkward charcoal suits that have been traditionally worn to combat chemical warfare agents. Currently, this more comfortable chemical suit is still in the research phase with no clear sign as to when it may become available.


3D Printed Skin


New backthroughs in 3D technology have led to regenerative skin that could potentially save the lives of thousands of soldiers and veterans that suffered traumatic wounds or severe burns. The technology is almost ready for clinical trials and may be used to treat soldiers by using their own cells to regenerate a synthetic skin that could be grafted onto areas of the body that were damaged.




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