How many times have you found yourself speaking to friends or family members in acronyms and military terms? In this episode, Tracy is dealing with the "language barrier" that comes with working with a different Armed Forces component.

Personally, dealing with military jargon and acronyms never felt like a difficult transition for me, but I have definitely met many a soldier or veteran who has had a little trouble "speaking civilian."

A few things to watch for:

  • Avoid acronyms and jargon on your resume and cover letters.
  • Definitely try to convey your military experience in civilian terms while in interviews.
  • Remember that your family and friends may not necessarily understand either. Even spouses who live on post with you.
  • Most importantly, remember that public speaking requires you to engage the entire audience. Military jargon is even worse than the Ums, likes, and ya knows (something we're working on ourselves in the podcast).



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