Soldiers are often forced to separate from their loved ones for a period of time. Whether it be a weekend or a year, it can be a difficult experience for both the soldier and the family. In this episode, we discuss family separation and some ways to keep your relationships strong.

Although every relationship is different (because every individual individual), there are some basic practices which can help you and your spouse remain close no matter the circumstances.


For us, we have a few of our own:

  • Stay in contact with each other. We understand that different situations dictate different circumstances for soldiers and family members, but doing everything you can to stay in touch will both keep your relationship strong and relay to your loved one how much you care.
  • Celebrate the small things. We actually celebrate our anniversary on the 18th of every month. It's just a small reminder to us of why we got married and how much we still care.
  • When you need some time alone, take it. Tracy knows how much I love my mornings. Reading the news with a cup of coffee early in the morning is a great way for me to have some alone time. And I give Tracy her's as well.
  • Finally, be thoughtful about one another's feelings. When I knew I wouldn't be able to talk to Tracy for a few days, I let her know (without divulging to many details while overseas). A complete communication blackout could be misconstrued in so many different ways if you are not careful and open with your spouse.


We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to bringing you another soon.

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