We are finally back at it here at the Veterans Cafe Podcast and now that we are reunited, we figured we could fill you in on Tracy's most recent adventures.

Tracy was fortunate enough to travel to the Invictus Games in Orlando where she documented the competition between veterans in Olympic style events. A highlight for her was documenting Elisabeth Marks who was in the spotlight after giving her gold medal to Prince Harry as a sign of gratitude for holding the event.


Elisabeth Marks


Tracy was also fortunate enough to travel to Europe to document the 72nd anniversary of D-Day at Normandy, France. During her time there, she had the privilege of participating in the Marche De Diekirch and reenlisted in front of Iron Mike.

Tracy reenlistment at Iron Mike


KP Duty For Everyone


Want to start rolling up your sleeves? SMA Dailey has decided that it is now ok to have an Army on KP duty.......at all times. After debating whether the sleeves should be rolled up with camo in or out, the Sergeant Major of the Army decided that rolling up your sleeves with the camo out is acceptable at the commander's discretion. 


Transgender Troops


Transgender troops have been approved for service by the pentagon and are now allowed to serve in the branch of their choosing. Although the right to serve one's country should be an option to any who are willing and capable, a new debate is sparking over whether a transgender person could have the Armed Forces pay the bill that would allow their gender reassignment.



We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to bringing you another soon.

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