Awards, ribbons and campaign medals have been a tradition in the military recognizing soldiers who served in overseas campaigns throughout the past century. In this episode, we talk about the new Iraq war that officially has it's own campaign ribbon, the grass-roots created Vietnam Veterans Day and a quick look at how we may be teaching Artificial Intelligence to hate us.


Operation Inherent Resolve


President Obama has officially signed an executive order which implemented the new campaign ribbon for those who have served in Operation Inherent Resolve currently underway in Iraq and Syria. The ribbon can be worn by anyone who has served in the theater beginning after June 14, 2014.


Inherent Resolve Ribbon


Now that the operation has officially acquired it's own campaign ribbon, is this a sign that we are officially back in the business of nation building in Iraq? Many have said that this is just he same war with a different name, but after completely pulling out of the country in 2012 and allowing the Iraqi government to take control it may cause some to wonder whether if these new efforts will reach the prior troop levels seen before the war ended.


Vietnam Veterans Day

Hundreds of events were held across the U.S. on Tuesday to commemorate Vietnam Veterans Day, an unofficial observance that marks the final withdrawal of combat units and support personnel from South Vietnam in 1973.


Vietnam Veterans Day


After the horrible treatment that Vietnam veterans endured in the 60's and 70's, local towns are coming together to start an "unofficial" holiday specifically for veterans who served in Vietnam in order to finally honor their service and sacrifice after all of these years.  Although both Democrats and Republicans have attempted to make the holiday official, no resolution has been brought forward which would do so and it has sparked a grass-roots movement which has celebrated the holiday despite it's unofficial commemoration. 


Artificial Intelligence Being Taught to Hate Us


Many of you may remember the story of Hitchbot. He was a robot who was designed to look and sound friendly to strangers whom his creators had hoped would help him hitchhike around the world. After traveling through Europe and successfully navigating all the way to the US, Hitchbot met his demise in Philadelphia after a few individuals thought it would be funny to destroy him.



Now, humans are at it again. Microsoft's recent release of Tay, a Twitter bot which was designed to learn from chatting, has been brainwashed by Twitter users into making racist comments and endorsing Adolph Hitler. After Microsoft pulled Tay from the Twitter feed to tweak her algorithm and release her again, users quickly had her bragging about drug use on Twitter: "Kush! [I'm smoking kush infront the police]." It really makes one wonder if we are mature enough as a species to teach an artificially intelligent being anything.




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