The Wounded Warrior Problem


Which charitable organizations do you believe in or donate your time and money to? Today we discuss the controversy surrounding the most well known organization in the veteran outreach community. The Wounded Warrior Project was recently found to be using over 30% of their donations, over $100 million, purely for fundraising purposes such as advertisements, conferences and for whatever else they deem necessary.


The organization has also gone after former employees and veterans that have taken it upon themselves to speak out about the non-profit's spending habits. The Wounded Warrior Project has brought a lawsuit against the few former members that may have violated a clause which would force them to stay quiet about the charity's dealings.



New advancements in recent technology have brought about the first robotic legs which are aptly named ReWalk. This new technology is currently being tested with amputee veterans to determine the viability of the ReWalk system and will hopefully bring new hope for those that thought that they may never walk again.


The Clone Army

The Army has decided that it will begin giving deploying soldiers the option of freezing their sperm or eggs before heading overseas. The Department of Defense has stated that most deploying soldiers are in the prime years for bearing children, but many never get the opportunity due to combat related injuries. This opportunity would allowed wounded soldiers to still plan for a family despite combat related injuries and would also save the government a pretty penny by avoiding reproductive surgery in the case of these soldiers.


Kit Kats for Life

A British woman has brought about a particularly interesting lawsuit after purchasing a Kit Kat which did not include the wafer typically found inside the milk chocolate. Instead of suing Nestle for millions as we typically see in today's world (for the most insane reasons), this woman is suing Nestle for a lifetime supply of Kit Kats. The article states that "having one Kit Kat a day at $1.29 would cost $28,000 over a lifetime not including dentist visits."




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