Operation Supply Drop is an organization that has dedicated itself to serving veterans and soldiers in a unique and interesting way. We had the opportunity to speak with one of their Community Managers, Gray Hogan, about the different approaches they take to be "the most-generationally relevant veteran support organization on the planet serving US, NATO and ANZAC veterans."



They have 3 primary programs which support both veterans and currently serving soldiers:

  • The Teams: The goal of the Teams Program is to build local groups of military, veterans, and civilians in order to promote a welcoming community where these groups of individuals can relax, have fun, and be accepted.
  • Supply Drops: This program was very much a program developed around sending a crate of video game themed goodies over to deployed service members. Over the years, we have redefined what a Supply Drop is and where we send them.
  • Thank You Deployments: Launched in early 2014 as a result of feedback from our community, the Thank You Deployment program is a hit. Targeted at providing fun and inspiration for veterans and a civilian counterpart. The Thank You Deployment gives us an opportunity to give a VIP type trip to a veteran deserving of the honor.



Gray was a fantastic guest to have on the show and his organization is one that not only seeks out those veterans and soldiers in need, but does so in a way that is relevant and even rehabilitative for those who need it. 



We would like to thank Gray and Operation Supply Drop for taking the time to tell us about their organization and would definitely encourage any of you that would like to learn more to download the episode and share it with fellow veterans.




We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to bringing you another soon.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please email us at themacs@vetscafe.com or visit our Facebook Page.


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  • Great show you two- loved talking with you both!

    posted by: Gray Hogan on 2016-01-21 01:05:43

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